Send High-Volume SMS From a Local Number

With 10DLC (10-digit long codes), you can reliably message large groups of contacts from a number they recognize and trust.

  • Trusted by carriers for Livecomm SMS messaging
  • Faster set-up and more affordable than short codes
  • Compatible with new and existing local numbers
  • CRITICAL ALERT: You must register your livecomm phone numbers with A2P by August 31st, 2023 so you can continue to send text messages. US based cell phone carriers are imposing this hard deadline and you are required to comply
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What Is 10DLC?

10DLC, or 10-digit long code, is a messaging solution that allows businesses to send a high-volume of SMS from a local number. It is sometimes referred to as “local A2P messaging” because cell carriers have approved A2P (application-to-person) messaging on 10DLC.

Before 10DLC, 10-digit numbers were only sanctioned for P2P (person-to-person) messaging. Now, businesses can access a much higher throughput rate. In other words, more messages per minute can be sent on 10DLC than on traditional 10-digit numbers. This makes 10DLC an attractive option for businesses that want to engage in SMS marketing.

10DLC is designed to replace shared short codes, which present a higher risk of spam. It is also more affordable than dedicated short codes.

Why Should You Use 10DLC?

Faster, more reliable, and trusted by customers. 10DLC is the next generation of text messaging.

Recognizable Area Code

Ever received a call from an unfamiliar area code? You probably ignored it. Your customers do the same thing! Even with texts. Reach them more effectively with a local number.

Reliable, Fast Delivery

With a local number, your messages are sent from a number sanctioned for Livecomm messaging. This means you can count on them to be delivered quickly.

Affordable Pricing

Want the security and reliability of a dedicated short code, without the high cost? A 10-digit long code is a more cost-effective alternative.

How to Get Started with 10DLC

It takes a few steps to provision your 10DLC number. When you partner with us, our team guides you through the whole process.

Text-Enable Your Number or Get a New One

Select the number you’d like to send your messages from. This number is all yours. You don’t share it with any other brands.

  • Text-enable your existing number
  • Your voice service will continue as normal
  • Select an area code and get a new number

Send and Receive Messages

Built for more than just bulk texts, our platform lets you hold one-on-one conversations with your customers using your 10-digit long code, too.

  • Dial out and re-route incoming calls
  • Leverage advanced features like automated texts
  • Use a single web based conversation screen you can share with team mates

Livecomm 10DLC vs. Other Alternatives

See how 10DLC SMS stacks up to messaging on other types of phone numbers.

Name Dedicated Short Codes Toll-Free Numbers 10DLC
Approved for Livecomm Messaging Yes Yes Yes
Supports Voice Calls No Yes Yes
Local Area Code No No Yes
Number of Msgs Per Second High Medium High

Frequently Asked Questions About Local Number SMS

Yes! We can set up 10DLC on your current business number.
In short, carriers want to be sure that their customers will not receive unwanted, dangerous, and spam-like text messages. Therefore, they ask for detailed information about your company and it’s SMS use case. An independent agency then assigns you trust scores based on whether your use case is low or high risk. A “low-risk” use case may be something like two-factor authentication. A high-risk use case may be sending messages about debt relief.
Livecomm messages are typically generated via a software application. This is sometimes referred to as an “autodialer.” Person-to-Person (P2P) messaging refers to a conversation or dialogue between two individuals, P2P has low volumes and lower throughput compared to A2P.
There are four popular ways to build your list. Use a text-to-join keyword. Add a web form to your site that lets people sign up online. Import an existing list. Create a mobile-sign up widget.

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