How can I store contacts onto the website?

For every new phone number that calls your owned LiveComm number(s) a new contact will be created under the associated LiveComm number’s contact list. There’s also options to manually import your contacts either one at a time, or doing a bulk import using a text file.
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How much does text messaging cost?

Each individual text message costs $0.02 to send, with a $0.50 minimum per use of the messaging service. If your message is larger than 140 characters, the message must be divided into separate text messages that are 140 characters or less to maintain compatibility with all mobile carriers and devices. In addition, LiveComm must send an unsubscribe message so contacts have the option to stop incoming messages. Where possible, we […]
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Can LiveComm port my telephone number?

LiveComm allows telephone numbers to be ported into the site as LiveComm numbers. The process is estimated to take 2-4 weeks to complete from the time we submit the port request. To learn more about this option call us at 210-590-2734 or send an email to support@livecomm.com
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Can I customize the LiveComm phone number once it’s purchased?

Yes, LiveComm offers customization of the voicemail for each individual number owned. There’s a few different types to choose from when setting up the voicemail. Text-to-Speech: Text-to-speech will vocalize the message typed out whenever calls come in. Voice Recording / Voice message upload: LiveComm has the option to record your own personalized voice message using a microphone through the webpage. This option also allows for uploading an mp3 file as […]
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How does the LiveComm phone number system work?

LiveComm has access to a large pool of local formatted telephone numbers from all across the United States. For each phone subscription purchased you’ll have the ability to look up and select your own personal numbers to use on our system. For each unique phone number that calls a LiveComm number they will be stored as a contact under the associated contact list.
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