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Text Message Marketing for Floral Business

Text message marketing is a continuously growing trend among businesses in every industry. It’s one of the most effective, affordable marketing strategies, and it’s easy to use, which make it a great choice even for small businesses!

How Can SMS Marketing Help Grow Your Online Presence?

SMS marketing is effective, affordable gem that’s gaining ground quickly. It’s already popular among a huge number of businesses and is known as one of the most fruitful marketing strategies for businesses in any industry and of any size! Sending text messages directly to your customers is a great way of spreading your business’ name and increasing your sales within a short amount of time, all at a fraction of […]

Ready to Try LiveComm? Check Out Our Free SMS Marketing Templates!

SMS marketing is going stronger than ever before, and as cellphone use continues to grow, there’s no end in sight for the number of clients you can potentially reach! From our experience and clients’ results, if you implement effective SMS marketing templates in your business properly, you can see some serious results. The truth is, most people have their phones with them all the time. Nowadays, they’re used to relying on […]

5 Ways Mass Text Marketing Can Benefit Your Spa and Salon Business

The spa and salon industry has great potential, with massive job growth and profits expected in this 14.7 billion dollar industry! The International Spa Association’s latest data shows that the number of spa visits have risen from 160 million in 2012 to 164 million in 2013. Though this boom in business also means that there is more competition, with a 1% growth in the number of spas in America from […]

4 Ways Text Messaging Can Enhance Your Customer Service Strategy

Whether you sell goods or provide your customers a service, strong customer service is important to every business and the longevity of your business. Maybe you’re looking to drastically improve your customer care, or you have a quality customer care program that you want to start or enhance. Whatever your motivations or needs, a mass text messaging service can help you surprise and delight your customers!

SMS Marketing with Your Brand Voice: 4 Ways to Maintain Your Identity In Marketing

Before you launch a successful SMS marketing campaign, you need to build an engaging, relatable brand voice. SMS marketing is an effective tool for business owners who want to reach a highly targeted audience, and we’re not just saying that because we’re an SMS marketing company. The numbers speak for themselves. More than 98% of texts get opened, and best of all, every phone receives texts right out of the […]

Mass Text Messaging: 4 Ways To Build Your Customer Base

Making consistently improving sales and delivering a high-level of customer satisfaction is the goal of essentially every business, and part of that requires building up an audience to reach and market to. In building up an audience and finding avenues to offer them consistently great deals and promotions, mass text messaging is a business owners best marketing tool.

Text Message Marketing: 4 Creative Ways To Engage Customers

Naturally, part of a great marketing campaign requires reaching the right customers at the perfect time, and mass text message marketing helps you do just that in minutes! Not sure where to begin or what to offer first? We’ve highlighted 4 simple, creative ways to use mass text message marketing as a part of your business’ marketing strategy.

3 Reasons Your Business Should Use Mass Texting

Why should your business use mass texting? Because your customers own mobile phones, and they’re using it now more than ever! Recent data from the Pew Research Center shows that 95% of Americans have gone mobile, with 77% of them owning smartphones. Time also reports that 6 billion of the world’s estimated 7 billion population have access to mobile phones. Looking for another great chunk of data?