Mass Text Messaging

Mass texting has never been so easy, so effective, and so affordable.

  • Own unlimited phone numbers: Register an unlimited amount of phone numbers using any US area code of your choice. Talk and mass text from any number! ($2/mo + usage per number).
  • Affordable texting and voice service: Mass text 1,000s of your clients for only $0.02 cents per text recipient. Send and receive calls for $0.02 cents/min
  • Schedule text messages in advance
  • Smart Carrier block protection: Send text messages via multiple phone numbers at the same time, thus reducing tedious carrier blockage.
  • Upload your existing customer lists to Livecomm.
  • We support unlimited contacts and do not charge to hold your contacts.
  • Forward calls to multiple numbers at the same time. Whoever picks up first, gets connected.
  • Personalized answering: Upload MP3s or record your own answering reply. Use our Livecomm Mobile app (iOS and Android) to record personalized greetings for incoming callers
  • Join live callers: Use Livecomm’s Call Connect(r) to connect you to an incoming caller while they are listening to your audio recording reply.
  • Send automatic text responses to people who call or text you
  • Send Personalized SMS. Livecomm can add the first name of the imported contact to every SMS sent
  • Record your calls:  Livecomm has the ability to record all incoming calls to review in the future.
  • Call out: Do outbound calls using LiveComm phone numbers
  • Our conversation screen allows to keep track of multiple conversations at the same time and is able to be loaded on multiple computers at the same time. Great for customer service and dispatch operations!
  • Month to month commitment (No long term contracts)


Automatic List Population

Anyone who calls or texts any of your Livecomm numbers gets added to your contact lists. Every caller phone number is added to a text distribution list attached to the LiveComm phone number your prospect calls. Now you can text anyone who has ever contacted you in one shot!


Don’t Rely on Data Plans

With abilities such as automated call history importing, contact importing tool and unlimited contacts in a group and all without using your data plan, it is the best mass texting app in existence!

We don’t tie to your phone. Our servers take care of all the sending!

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