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Real Estate Industry Texting

AUTOMATIC LIST POPULATION: The LiveComm system automatically decides if the incoming caller’s phone number is a land line or a cellular phone line. Every cellular

Services Industry Texting

LiveComm can do wonders for those in service industries; Massage Therapist, Pizza Delivery, Floral Shops, Pest Control, the list goes and on and on. AUTOMATIC

What is LiveComm?

LiveComm is a lead capture, mass texting platform… anytime you have an incoming caller to one of the phone numbers that you own, LiveComm decides

Examples: The Networking Enthusiast

“I started a meet-up group and I said… call this phone number to get the details. Inside LiveComm I had created a recording that told

Examples: The Massage Therapist

“At 2:30pm your customer calls and they cancel their appointment at 4:00pm. You have an hour and a half or you’re going to lose this

Examples: The Pizza Delivery Business

“With LiveComm you can let every single one of your customers know within seconds… Pick 250 to 300 [people]… That phone in the wall it’s

Instant Call Connect Feature

 “You or your salesperson has the chance to connect with the caller and the caller has the chance to connect with you… This is how

LiveComm’s Hello Function

  “Whenever LiveComm receives an incoming call from a phone number they’ve never seen before, it will send out a one-time “hello” message from you.

Prescheduling Feature

“Every single one of these people called about an owner finance house that I have for sale… 6015 cannot buy the same house. But, I’m

Features: Automated Lead Capture

It shows you how many new people you’ve captured every day…. That’s always interesting to be able to see in real time just how fast