Services Industry Texting

Livecomm can do wonders for those in service industries; Massage Therapist, Pizza Delivery, Floral Shops, Pest Control, the list goes and on and on.

Services Industry Texting

LiveComm can do wonders for those in service industries; Massage Therapist, Pizza Delivery, Floral Shops, Pest Control, the list goes and on and on.

The LiveComm system automatically decides if the incoming caller’s phone number is a land line or a cellular phone line. Every cellular phone number is added to a text distribution list attached to the LiveComm phone number your prospect calls. Every LiveComm phone number populates it’s own text distribution list that you can message in mass for pennies per message…not pennies per person/contact… pennies per text to hundreds, if not thousands of people/contacts. That’s right! …pennies to message thousands! This is what separates LiveComm from the crowd; affordable, versatile, and easy to use.

LiveComm gives to the option to automatically reply to first time visitors. Simply type in your own “Thank You” message and every time LiveComm recognized a new customer, your personal message will be texted to your new prospect minutes after they’ve contact you. You can say whatever you want;

  • Give them your direct contact information to put in their contacts
  • Present a special offer available to brand new customers
  • Or just say “Thank you for thinking of us!”

It’s your choice and your message, and it will go out automatically – to every new caller!

Picture yourself having a massage client cancel two hours before their scheduled appointment. Simple text your entire client list and ask, “Who wants a massage in two hours?” BAM! That hour is NOT lost, but rather re-booked in minutes!

Imagine being able to mass text all your previous customers on a slow day at the pizza Delivery store. BAM! Customers start taking advantage of your impromptu special in seconds!

Floral shops can preprogrammed texted messages way in advance so every previous customer can be reminded of their upcoming anniversary or an important birthday pending…and YOU have that special gift and price just for that occasion!

Pest control companies can preprogrammed annual maintenance reminders.

You can pre-schedule future messages with LiveComm. Just as importantly, it’s affordable! It didn’t use to be, but it is now.

You can forward any LiveComm number right from your own account. Forward calls to 1 person or up to 8 people…and they all get the call at the same time. Imagine being able to forward leads to multiple sales personnel. The first sales person to answer wins the lead!

Use your own designated LiveComm phone number to capture the cell phone numbers of potential client that opt in to listen to hear your “free recorded message.” Will Your customers call you at midnight? Will they call you on Sunday morning at 7am? Would they call you on Christmas Eve? No! Probably not! But they will call to hear a recorded message…and LiveComm captured their cell# for you to connect with during regular working hours.

You can forward any LiveComm message to a recording and every LiveComm phone number captures incoming cell numbers and automatically output them into a text distribution list. You can text all you customers for pennies per text. It unbelievably affordable!

You can purchase as many extra LiveComm phone numbers as you wish for just $2/mo each. With this kind of affordability, you can designate a specific number to each specific advertisement. For once, it’s easy and affordable to track the effectiveness of every ad you run. Each phone number comes with its own text distribution list and every incoming call to that number is placed in that numbers text distribution list. You’ll see exactly how many calls your ad generate AND you get a copy of all the incoming phone numbers!

Wow! Think of the possibilities! Which ads work? Which ads don’t? Stop wasting money on the bad ads, and double up on the good ads. But you have to know which is which.

Imagine all the things you could try and do if your company captured the phone number of every cell phone caller that called your company. Think about to ability to affordably mass text these potential customers.

Your risk minimal. No long term contract. You renew month by month when you send in your payment.

See what LiveComm can do for your business! Join Today.


Michele Broom is a massage therapist. She uses LiveComm to fill in her cancellations.

“For the longest time I just lost out on last minute cancellations.. I’d have someone scheduled for 3pm and then at 2pm they call to cancel their appointment. There was simply not enough time or an effective/affordable way put the word out about my immediate opening. Now send out a mass text all my clients, “I have an immediate opening today at 3pm…anyone want a message in an hour?” I don’t lose those appointment times anymore. It’s made a huge difference in my weekly income.

Michele Broom

Massage Therapist

Sharon Starkey is a florist. She uses LiveComm to remind her clients that birthday or anniversary is fast approaching .

“The choice to schedule messages and text our clients individually has made a huge difference in my sales. We help people by reminding them of the special dates in their lives; birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day etc., etc. and we never fail to ask, “Would you like us to send flowers?” We hear the word “YES” a lot! It’s a sale we’d probably never get otherwise. The automation makes or life so much easier and once we’ve entered each clients reminder dates, the system just LiveComm more than pays for itself – It’s a profit maker!”

Sharon Starkey


Tom Starns owns a carwash. He uses LiveComm to fill in his slow times.

“Before LiveComm I had to suffer through the slow periods. Today when there’s a lull in my business, I simply text every single customer that has every used our carwash and offer them a special price if they’ll stop by right now. The response is immediate and it works like a charm. LiveComm is incredible!”

Tom Starns

Tom’s Car Wash

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