Real Estate Industry Texting

LiveComm is the PROVEN go to resource for those working in Real Estate: Brokers and Agents, Wholesalers, Cash Buyers and Investors of all kinds...including those who Teach Real Estate Investing... the list goes and on and on.

Real Estate Industry Texting


The LiveComm system automatically decides if the incoming caller’s phone number is a land line or a cellular phone line. Every cellular phone number is added to a text distribution list attached to the LiveComm phone number your prospect calls. Every LiveComm phone number populates it’s own text distribution list that you can message in mass for pennies per message…not pennies per person/contact… pennies per text to hundreds, if not thousands of people/contacts. That’s right! …pennies to message thousands! This is what separates LiveComm from the crowd; affordable, versatile, and easy to use.

Imagine capturing the cell phone number of every interested buyer that has ever call on any of your listings. Imagine being able to text all of them at once to attend tomorrow’s open house. What if you had a showing in 4 hours and you could text an invitation to 20 other people that called your recorded message about that property to meet you there. Instead of showing one person the house in 4 hours, you could be showing multiple people that property in one trip.

Imagine being able to mass text all your previous customers on a slow day at the pizza Delivery store. BAM! Customers start taking advantage of your impromptu special in seconds!

Schedule reminders about your open houses that automatically go out when you want them to.

You can pre-schedule future messages with LiveComm. Just as importantly, it’s affordable! It didn’t use to be, but it is now.

Landlords, remind all your tenants the rent is due in 5 days… or tomorrow. Remind tenants it’s time to renew their lease.

Owner financiers, pre-schedule reminders letting your buyers know when their mortgage payment is due, or to renew their insurance, or when their addition principle payment is due.

You can forward any LiveComm number right from your own account. Forward calls to 1 person or up to 8 people…and they all get the call at the same time. Imagine being able to forward leads to multiple sales personnel. The first sales person to answer wins the lead!

Use your own designated LiveComm phone number to capture the cell phone numbers of potential client that opt in to listen to hear your “free recorded message.” Will Your customers call you at midnight? Will they call you on Sunday morning at 7am? Would they call you on Christmas Eve? No! Probably not! But they will call to hear a recorded message…and LiveComm captured their cell# for you to connect with during regular working hours.

You can forward any LiveComm message to a recording and every LiveComm phone number captures incoming cell numbers and automatically output them into a text distribution list. You can text all you customers for pennies per text. It unbelievably affordable!

LiveComm gives to the option to automatically reply to first time visitors. Simply type in your own “Thank You” message and every time LiveComm recognized a new customer, your personal message will be texted to your new prospect minutes after they’ve contact you. You can say whatever you want;

  • Give them your direct contact information to put in their contacts
  • Present a special offer available to brand new customers
  • Or just say “Thank you for thinking of us!”

It’s your choice and your message, and it will go out automatically – to every new caller!

You can purchase as many extra LiveComm phone numbers as you wish for just $2/mo each. With this kind of affordability, you can designate a specific number to each specific advertisement. For once, it’s easy and affordable to track the effectiveness of every ad you run. Each phone number comes with its own text distribution list and every incoming call to that number is placed in that numbers text distribution list. You’ll see exactly how many calls your ad generate AND you get a copy of all the incoming phone numbers!

Wow! Think of the possibilities! Which ads work? Which ads don’t? Stop wasting money on the bad ads, and double up on the good ads. But you have to know which is which.


Livecomm has become an invaluable tool for my selling and BUYING real estate needs! I added a Livecomm number to my direct mail material so potential sellers could call and hear a pre-recorded message that I created for this dedicated Livecomm number. When potential sellers call, it captures their number. In one case I was able to return the logged call and speak to the seller and purchase their property, which I ultimately profited over $10,000. This one transaction alone will pay for over 30 years of my Livecomm subscription and since this seller was very timid I may have never made contact with them. But, thanks to little note on my marketing material that says ‘for a free recorded message call 555-555-5555’ I was able to help them get rid of an unwanted property.


Real Estate Agent

Shannon Stephen has a note servicing business. She uses Livecomm to generate new clients all the time.

“The ability to capture the phone number of every prospect that inquires about my service is key. A lot of my current customers started out by listening to a non-confrontational recording I offer in my ads. I point a LiveComm phone number to a FREE RECORDING and when prospects call for that free recording I capture their cell number. Instead of waiting for customers to contact me directly, I am able to contact them and strike up a conversation. This has been a real game changer!”

Shannon Stephen

Real Estate Note Servicing

Mike Powell of Moat Management, LLC is a real estate investor. He uses to make the task of selling his owner financed houses a non-issue.

“Before we were having problems selling our properties in a timely fashion. We were also having an issue finding buyers with larger down payments. LiveComm solved these problems. Today I can directly mass text over 4,300 prospects actively seeking to buy a home with owner financing. I notify these prospects when I have new homes in my inventory, when I have price reductions, or when I’m having an open house. It’s so affordable to mass text my clients I use LiveComm every day almost.”

Mike Powell

Moat Management, LLC

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