Mass Texting, Done the Right Way!

First let me ask you…How important is it to be in touch with your entire list of potential buyers and sellers on a regular basis?

  • Do you find it difficult to get the word out quickly when you have a showing or a price change on a house for sale?
  • How would you like to build your contact list automatically and watch it grow by leaps and bounds?
  • Do you get tired of repeating the description of a house over and over again to a non qualified buyer?
  • Who wants to MASS text their potential buyers and sellers without being charged outrageous prices?

Announcing our Revolutionary System that Connects you to CONTACTS 24/7 Plus Saves YOU Money & Time over and over again!

Real time experience from Mitch Stephen, who is an active investor in San Antonio:

I built this software for my own business because I wanted a way to connect with my list and not have to use emails. Emails don’t always get opened…But if you get a text you look at it and read it…the connection is made!

Now I am receiving calls daily from highly qualified buyers with higher down payments because I pre-qualify them with LiveComm messages. Plus I have sent out invites to showings and open houses the same day and seen a huge increase in participation. Watch a Quick Video See How LiveComm Works for YOU

Watch a Quick Video See How LiveComm Works for YOU

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