SMS Marketing For Business: Why Effective, Mobile-Friendly Marketing Continues to Grow

We all get entirely too many emails, so it goes without saying that email marketing has lost its popularity. With so many people opting out of email marketing, now is the perfect time for mobile-friendly marketing strategies like SMS marketing for business!

That’s why mobile-friendly marketing tools like text message marketing have becoming a huge trend among marketers and business owners across industries. Although mass text messaging has been around for a while, its simplicity more mobile-friendly marketing has made it more popular than ever. SMS marketing for business offers beneficial advantages and features that businesses can use to increase their potential success, improved sales and more loyal customers!

Let’s have a closer look at the benefits of SMS marketing for businesses and explore how it’s paving a path to become one of the most popular, mobile-friendly marketing strategies ever!


  • No Additional Hardware Required

    That’s right, there’s no additional purchases, systems or hardware needed! With LiveComm’s SMS marketing for business, you don’t need any additional hardware or have to deal with any new technological developments or complexities.

    Text messaging marketing is instant and incredibly simple! All you need to do is write an engaging, relevant text with a clear call-to-action, insert a link and send it. For better results, you can personalize your messages by including the name of each customer you are sending the text to through LiveComm’s automated system. Using a mobile-friendly marketing tool like LiveComm allows for easy-to-use, simple messaging that allows you to send thousands of messages from a web-based platform in minutes!

  • No Need for Internet Connection

    Not connected to wifi? No problem! SMS marketing is compatible with essentially every cell phone in the world and what’s more important, it doesn’t require Internet availability. This lets you engage customers who aren’t online often or don’t use smartphones.

    This gives you the chance to connect with a wide range of customers, increasing the probability of you acquiring loyal customers or people interested in your services or products!

  • Customers Prefer Texting

    Customers love the simplicity and ease of text messaging. It takes a little more than a minute for a customer to read and respond to your message if they’re interested. So ensure you send them relevant text messages with offers that engage customers like special offers, discounts and “free” gifts with purchase.

  • Direct Way of Communication

    Text messaging is one of the quickest ways to communicate on a personal basis in minutes. With text message marketing, your texts won’t go unnoticed and will create a true conversation with your customers! 

  • Customer Retention

    Text messaging marketing is a great way to maintain your current customers while also gaining new, loyal ones. Here are a few points to show you how successful and well-thought SMS marketing campaigns will help you retain your customers and drive customer loyalty:

    • Correct Targeting: After getting permission to text your customers, you can use LiveComm’s system to group people according to their likes, dislikes and preferences, as well as age, sex and location depending on what your services and products are. Sending customers texts that truly match their interests is a sign that you actually care about them.

    • Cost-Effectiveness of the Campaigns: How do your savings help customers? You can use some of the saved money from your budget on offering incentives, discounts and special gifts, prompting loyal customer to stay engaged and enticing new customers to join your marketing network!
  • Mobile-Friendly Marketing Drives Website Traffic

    SMS marketing for business can help drive traffic to your website through the links you share in your text messages. Make your links short and relevant to the context of the message, e.g., if you’re offering a discount on a certain product, the link should direct the customer to the page which contains details about that product. Want to know more about how mobile-friendly marketing like SMS marketing for business can help drive traffic to your website? Contact us!


The affordability and effectiveness of mobile-friendly marketing like SMS marketing has led to its drastic growth and popularity. If you want to engage customers in a meaningful way, increase the number of new customers or leads, and improve your bottom line, you should try SMS marketing for business! 

Interested in trying an easy-to-use, mobile-friendly marketing tool on a free trial? Contact LiveComm today, and our account executives will help you set up your business for success!

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