Can I customize the LiveComm phone number once it’s purchased?

Yes, LiveComm offers customization of the voicemail for each individual number owned. There’s a few different types to choose from when setting up the voicemail.

  1. Text-to-Speech: Text-to-speech will vocalize the message typed out whenever calls come in.
  2. Voice Recording / Voice message upload: LiveComm has the option to record your own personalized voice message using a microphone through the webpage. This option also allows for uploading an mp3 file as the voice message.
  3. Call forwarding: This option will forward calls coming into the LiveComm number to the phone numbers you selected. You may also choose to redirect to multiple numbers, in this case the first person to answer will receive the call.
  4. Instant Call Connect: This voicemail type utilizes a queue system that helps LiveComm have an instant call connection with the caller right after they finish hearing your voicemail.
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