Days on Market Reduced from 33 to 9 with Livecomm!

See how Mitch Stephen, published author of My Life and 1000 Houses, reduced his days on market from 33 to 9 using Livecomm! Livecomm has helped him connect with over 6000 people who called his signs. Now his showings average 10-12 people instead of 1 at a time. Livecomm works for selling Real Estate! Watch how he did it:

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Our Features:

Here is a list of features Livecomm currently has:

  • Chose multiple numbers by area code to add to your account to send from and to use on your businesses.
  • Own a phone number for $2/mo (No limit on quantity of numbers)
  • Mass Text 1,000s of your clients for only $0.2 cents per contact
  • Schedule text messages
  • Send text messages via multiple phone numbers at the same time, thus reducing tedious carrier blockage.
  • Upload your existing customer lists to Livecomm
  • Forward calls to multiple numbers at the same time. Whoever picks up first, gets connected.
  • Upload MP3s or record your own answering reply.
  • Use Livecomm’s Call Connect(r) to connect you to an incoming caller while they are listening to your audio recording reply.
  • Send automatic text responses to people who call or text you
  • Automatic list population: Anyone who calls or texts any of your Livecomm numbers gets added to your contact lists. The LiveComm system automatically decides if the incoming caller’s phone number is a land line or a cellular phone line. Every cellular phone number is added to a text distribution list attached to the LiveComm phone number your prospect calls. Now you can text anyone who has ever contacted you in one shot!
  • Month to month commitment (No long term contracts)
  • New features coming June 2018:
    • Reply to incoming text messages using any PC or Mobile phone
    • Spread your delivery across multiple days
    • Livecomm mobile app for recording greetings
    • Voicemail drop services


With the global average open rate of SMS being 94%, you bet using Livecomm’s SMS marketing tools you are in for a treat: more user engagement than sending postcards or emails. What are you waiting for?

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