Livecomm purchased numbers require registration with A2P after initial purchase. This process validates your organization and it is a requirement to send mass messaging campaigns via text. A2P registration can take up to two weeks and you will be guided on this process once you login to your account the first time.

Text messaging and lead collection PRO

LiveComm is a lead capture, mass texting platform anytime you have an incoming caller to one of the phone numbers that you own, LiveComm decides whether it’s a landline or its a cellphone. And if it’s a cellphone number, it grabs the cellphone number and puts it in a text distribution list.

The Livecomm plugin enables direct integration between your WordPress website and your account. You will be able to:

1. Start a text conversation with web visitors using our “text me now” widget.
2. Collect mobile numbers as leads from any of your Contact form 7 forms and deposit them directly in to Livecomm on a contact list of your choice.

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