3 Reasons Your Business Should Use Mass Texting

Why should your business use mass texting? Because your customers own mobile phones, and they’re using it now more than ever!

Recent data from the Pew Research Center shows that 95% of Americans have gone mobile, with 77% of them owning smartphones. Time also reports that 6 billion of the world’s estimated 7 billion population have access to mobile phones. Looking for another great chunk of data? Adult smartphone users spend at least 1 hour and 39 minutes using their device, according to a 2016 Nielsen report.

With people across all age groups and demographics regularly using mobile phones, businesses now, more than ever, need to take advantage of the benefits of mass text messaging in their marketing.

If you’re still wondering if you should invest in a low-cost mass texting software as a part of your marketing strategy, these reasons will leave you nodding yes and asking for more.

  1. It’s Effective For Time-Sensitive Content!
    If you want to send information about your business’ promotions, daily deals or special offers, mass texting is the fastest way to spread the word to the most people at once. Unlike other forms of marketing, you don’t need to wait for your customers to open your email or visit your website. Why? According to Conversational Advertising, almost 90% of all text messages are read within 3 minutes! This means in minutes you could affordably market directly to hundreds or thousands of people with a simple push of a button.

    Along with this, mass texting is a great way to send reminders about special events and update customers about their order status. For small businesses, restaurants, and hair stylists, among many other industries, mass text message marketing allows for low-cost, spur-of-the-moment promotions that are sent and read in real-time.

  2. You Will Be Seen!
    From billboards and radio ads to TV and print ads, it’s hard to know whether people are actually paying attention to your promotions. On the other hand, when people receive text messages, they read it! Unless they’re sleeping or driving, and sometimes even then, you can almost guarantee they’ll have both eyes on your mass text promotion. Whether talking or attending meetings, most people will discreetly read their text messages in almost any situation, unlike emails, print ads, and other marketing tools which can fall by the wayside.

  3. Low Cost, But High ROI
    When compared to traditional forms of marketing, mass texting is incredibly cheaper. With mass text message marketing, you don’t pay for ad space or exposure, and it’s affordable for even the smallest business or newest start-up. Since mass text messaging is affordable and directly reaches customers where they are, you can potentially generate a high ROI with minimal costs!

When used strategically, mass texting messaging improves brand reputation, generates leads, and increases profits.

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